About the site

This site is more than fifty years older than the “home” of citizens who have grown up in Aktogay. The first thing we thought was, wherever we went, our homeland was nearby.

And like all of us as a student, when we come to something and go out, we are just as warm and cooperative to another person besides our daily lives.

And we do not even want to have something like this, from the energy of ordinary people like us, to be useful for our walk.

Hi, we, M., of Aktogay area. Graduated from the Kazakh secondary school named after Gorky in 1984, 10B.


If we know the village, its place of residence, then we would understand.


We would like to get acquainted with the village’s life through projects and projects.


We would like to know the distinction of the village through its history.

10B graduation 1984

We would like to feel through the nature of the village.


We would like to look through the hospitable people who will be waiting for the village to come.